Wednesday, March 7, 2007

To have YOUR LDS blog or site listed for free

This is a blog and site listing for LDS centred (or members on positive subjects) web pages.

The requirements are that the site must be positive (no anti sites).

I also don't accept sites centred on being - sexist, racist or any other degrading or biased raising of people by type. Promoting segregation.
Actively promoting any other religion, including the religion of speculative theories.
Attacking the rights of parents to raise their children.
Keeping in mind all other conditions stated or implied, you can have whatever opinions you wish, provided they don't divert from the mission of the church. I am not interested in bigotry, and therefore I am very flexable, in my opinion.
I reserve the right to remove any site listing where that site displays inappropriate material, language or any other thing that I find unacceptable. This is at my discretion.You agree not to interfer with the running of this site in any way.
This is not a site for listing businesses. If you convert your site to a business, notify us so it can be removed.
I reserve the right to change these conditions from time to time. These conditions will remain available to read on this site.
Your posting of a desire to have your site listing included is regarded as acceptance of the above conditions.
Your comment is strictly private and won't be read by anyone else. Your comment won't be posted on the site.

Your comment MUST contain _

Your first name
Your last name
Your email address for me to contact you.
Your full blog or site address.
The title of your blog/site.
A brief discription of the type of content you have on it.
In addition you may include
Any other comments you feel inclined to tell me.
Site Logo. We appreciate it if you place it on your site

* means mixed content
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